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Emergency escape drill

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On 25th Oct 2019, the safety production management team of Nanjing Gold Huikai organized the Emergency escape drill.

  1. At 10:00 am, the staff assembled in the meeting room of the company and watched the safety education video and were trained by Li Renbing for the following emergency escape drill procedure.

  2. 10:30, the staff went back to their post, the director counted people.

  3. 10:40 the drill started. The director turned on the fire alarm, the staff left the production workshop and got down stairs to the ground floor grouped.

  4. The director counted the people again and report to the safety production management team leader.

According to this drill,

  1. The escape drill finished within 30 seconds.

  2. All of staff got to the collection place by rule.

  3. There were no safety accident occur during this drill.

  4. All the staff are familiar with their escaping route.

  5. This emergency escape drill was successfull.



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